Sender Policy Framework

Most domains send outbound mail through a relatively small number of servers. Domains should describe that set of servers in an SPF record in their DNS. Internet email receivers can then reject forged messages which don't come from an envelope sender domain's approved servers. This wizard helps domain owners identify all the servers which could be expected to send mail from their domain.'s IP address is (
Does that server send mail from
This wizard found 1 name for the MX servers for
MX servers receive mail for
Do they also send mail from
Do you want to just approve any host
whose name ends in (Expensive, unreliable and not recommended)

Do any other servers send mail from

You can describe them by giving "arguments" to the a:, mx:, ip4:, and ptr: mechanisms. mx: takes domain names and approves all the MX servers of these domains. To keep the wizard short we left out ptr:, but it works analogously.


IP networks can be entered using CIDR notation, eg.
Could mail from originate through
servers belonging to some other domain?
If you send mail through your ISP's servers, and the ISP has published an SPF record, name the ISP here.
Do the above lines describe all the hosts that send mail from [~all]

Check SPF records for another domain

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