Online Tools

IP Address

What is my current, external, IP address? >>>

Whois Lookup

Find out who owns a domain name and the names of the dns servers it uses. >>>


Find out IP address, mail servers and other DNS related stuff for a domain name. >>>

Website Certificates

Find out more about a secure website's certificate >>>

Download Chrome Extension

Download a .crx Chrome Extension - save it for offline use, or to install on a number of PCs. >>>

SPF Setup Wizard

Sender Policy Framework are items added to your DNS server to reduce spam. You can also examine SPF data from any domain name. >>>

BASE64 Decode and Encode

Online page to encode or decode Base64 text, "p,a,c,k,e,d" text, certificates, and much more. We will add other encoding formats as needed >>>


This will decode parts of html web pages that are obscured using Internet Explorer's "JScript.Encode" >>>


Convert your WINMAIL.DAT file (containing email attachments) to a compact ZIP file >>>

Color Picker

A Javascript-based color selector, written by John Dyer >>>

Online Apple iPhone / iPad PNG Image Converter

Convert a single custom-Apple-png image into a standard one. Or upload a zipped collection. >>>

Any data that is uploaded to the website using any of these tools is assumed to be of a personal or confidential nature.  It is not retained by us.

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