Extract Attachments from WINMAIL.DAT files

Microsoft Outlook allows for multiple email formats: Plain Text, Rich Text and HTML. When sending messages as Rich Text or HTML, Outlook automatically attaches a winmail.dat file containing all the formatting options included, however Outlook is the only email program that uses winmail.dat. If the person receiving the email does not have Outlook, they may receive a winmail.dat file rather than the original attachment, or may receive a message which is the size of the attachment, although no attachment is visible (this often happens to Outlook Express users).

This page will extract all attachments from the file. It will create a PKZIP archive for you; so when you click on "decode it" below, please save the resulting zip file to disk.

Please choose a winmail.dat file from your computer; the file must be smaller than 2.0MB.

Local file:

Privacy Policy

We assume the information contained in the winmail.dat file is of a personal or confidential nature. So the information you upload to this website from this webpage is not analysed or retained by us. The only information we keep is what is found in a normal server log (IP address, browser details, pages accessed, etc)

Technical Details

The WINMAIL.DAT file is in a documented Microsoft format called "Transport-Neutral Encapsulation Format", or "MS-TNEF", details on this format can be found at the microsoft website.

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