Here are some links to some great free software. Often these are better or more secure than commercial software

Libre Office

A free, open source office package; it's about 95% compatible with Microsoft Office.  Does not contain all the bloatware of the more well-known product. 

There’s a saying that 80 percent of users will use only 20 percent of an application’s features. Libre Office does have all the basic stuff that you’ll use — So why use the MS product?


A better, more secure browser than what you are forced to use with Windows. The great plus is that it will not run ActiveX components. ActiveX is the great Archilles' Heel of Internet Explorer, and a common way for viruses to gain full access to your computer, and all your documents.


Do you have a suspicious file, and would like to know if it is safe? Simply upload it to VirusTotal, and it will check it with 41 different antivirus products

Virtual Box

This software will allow you to run other operating systems (such as older versions of Windows; Linux) on your current operating system. It's not the best software available, but it is free and does an "ok" job.

CD/DVD Burning Software

The free version of Deep Burner contains good basic functionality. You can download it from here:

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