How do I install a Driver?

Device driver software that is downloaded from the internet come in a range of different formats; most have installation (or setup) programs - some do not.

Most (if not all) downloaded software is compressed. This allows for shorter download times, and better error checking when it finally makes it to your computer.

ZIP and RAR are common filetypes indicating compressed data. The files in these will need to extracted before moving on to the next stage.  Windows can handle ZIP files; but additional software is required for RAR files. Download WinRAR from Note the name of any new folder that is created as a result of the extraction process. You may need it later.

EXE files are the easiest. Simply double-click on it to execute it.. but watch out - it may simply be a Self-Extractor that will unpack the files and do nothing more. If that is the case, then you will still need to install the driver.

What files did they decide to give you?

This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked: Is a README.TXT file included? Often this file gives installation instructions.

Look for a SETUP.EXE program. If it is included, run it and hopefully your job is done.

If not, and you can see ".INF" files then this should be installed through the Device Manager, or through the "Add New Printer" wizard if what you have downloaded is a printer driver.

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