Disable Lenovo Fn-F12 Combination

When the Lenovo power management software is loaded, the keyboard combination Fn-F12 will cause the computer to go into hibernation mode, regardless of your current power management settings... and there appears to be no way to disable it from Windows, or the Lenovo interface.

Not much of a problem, you might say... how often do you press that combination anyway?  Well, for those who realize that using a keyboard shortcut is normally much faster than doing the equivalent with a mouse, the combination can be mistyped more frequently than you would imagine.

Download Now

To disable this feature, while still keeping any other power management feature, please download and run this free program. You will need to be logged in as an administrator:


What this program does:
1. temporarily disable the lenovo power management service, ibmpmsvc.exe
2. remove read-only attribute to this file
3. patch the file %windows%\system32\ibmpmsvc.exe (it will then become Unsigned)
4. restart the power management service

This will immediately disable the keyboard combination - no restart is required


NOTE: This program will only patch the 32-bit version of the power management software. Since it is a Windows Service, the 64-bit version will need to be signed again after the patch. And we don't have that yet. A donation ($$$) would get things well under way.

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