Avocent Browser Access

VPViewer failed to install -- Please check browser security settings.

This is a wonderful error to receive when using the web interface for a Avocent SwitchView IP 1010. What they don't tell you is that by "browser", they mean "Internet Explorer" (since who uses anything else?). This makes it difficult to access using Chrome, Firefox, Mac or anything else.

Looking at the HTML source for the page, we find the following, including spelling errors:

<OBJECT CODEBASE="vpclient4102.cab" width=0 height=0  
CLASSID="clsid:09D6F55E-F235-4102-9C60-1D09CFD9FAFF"> <PARAM NAME="ipaddr" VALUE="xx.xx.xx.xx">
<PARAM NAME="sessionkey" VALUE="F47FEAAFF47FEEAFC06C04D7D14C0C0E" >
<PARAM NAME="encryptionkey" VALUE="43086E0E43086E0E5A03BF7FF2AD1C8D"> <SPAN STYLE="color:red">VPViewer failed to install
-- Please check browser security settings.

So, I've written a plugin that will intercept this webpage, and allow you launch VPViewer from within Firefox. However, because the software released by Avocent is being used, we are still restricted to MS Windows.

The "avocentactivex" addon may be installed using the button below. Please make sure your anti-virus product is enabled and up-to-date.

Add to Firefox

No browser restart is required - reload the Avocent page and you will now see a button that will enable you to launch VPViewer.


This is still a work-in-progress.  If you have another Browser, or Avocent device and need this plugin to work with it, please drop us a line.

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